Friday, December 14, 2012

Medieval Barn Restoration

As well as working on the inside of the Medieval Barn we also have quite a lot of work to do outside. The window to the left in the photograph will be filled in with cob bricks and the door to the right is to be replaced and will match the new door on the left. The shrubs have been grubbed out in front of the barn ready for repairs to the rendering and then once completed the outside with be painted with limewash,. The stonework over the doorway will be covered with lime rendering and then the rose which is currently tied up will be trained to go over the doorway.

Winter Restoration on the Medieval Barn

This winter we are doing some restoration work on the old medieval barn. The two trusses which were burnt in a fire with the previous owners of Burrow Farm are now being replaced with new oak trusses hand crafted by Charley Brentnall and his team. Charley is well know for timber restoration having worked at Windsor Castle and Shackleton's hut in Antartica. The photo shows a new truss being created in our garage which was also built by Charley.