Friday, March 7, 2008

Erin stands guard on the Bridge

Erin spent today asleep in the spring sunshire on the bridge over the stream behind the old kennels and what will be our animal annex. She stood guard all day and wouldn't let her two offspring Gay and Gordon onto the bridge!

The Walled Garden

The picture shows the back of the medieval barn which is at one end of the walled garden. The previous owners used to keep pigs in the walled garden and a few old apples trees. We have pruned the ivy on the top of two of the walls before the birds start nesting as we are planning to construct an equine sand school within the walled garden. However we now have to wait for permission from the council before we can start building as they have to approve an archealogical survey within the walled garden. They will be looking for any artifacts as Burrow was built on a medieval settlement. There is evidence from a later date of old concrete circle which may have housed an engine that would have been driven by horsepower.

The Indian Runner Ducks

We have just collected two ducks and one drake from Jacquie at Brandel Rare Breed Poultry near Wellington in Somerset.
The picture shows the ducks on their first day out after spending a week inside to get them used to their surroundings. Hopefully once they are more settled and less nervous we will be able to introduce them to the pond in the courtyard, but in the meantime they have to make do with a plastic bowl for washing!