Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Bathroom Suite

Our winter project in the cottage this year is to update the main bathroom. We will be installing a new bath with shower and a basin. We have chosen a 'P' shaped bath which will have a shower at one end and the basin is going to be within a corner cabinet. Then it will all be retiled and painted. There will also be a new floor covering in the bathroom and then we will be having a new landing and staircarpet laid which will match the lounge carpet.

Goodbye to the Old Apple Tree

This winter we have decided to remove the old apple tree at the top of the orchard. It was blown down many years ago, but still managed to survive and keep growing although its trunk was lying on the ground. It has started to rot and we have decided now is the time to take it down along with an old holly bush which has grown up through it. Rob and Derek spent an afternoon cutting it down and we now have a good supply of logs. I am amazed how much more space there is in the orchard.