Sunday, December 8, 2013

New Bathroom Suite

Our winter project in the cottage this year is to update the main bathroom. We will be installing a new bath with shower and a basin. We have chosen a 'P' shaped bath which will have a shower at one end and the basin is going to be within a corner cabinet. Then it will all be retiled and painted. There will also be a new floor covering in the bathroom and then we will be having a new landing and staircarpet laid which will match the lounge carpet.

Goodbye to the Old Apple Tree

This winter we have decided to remove the old apple tree at the top of the orchard. It was blown down many years ago, but still managed to survive and keep growing although its trunk was lying on the ground. It has started to rot and we have decided now is the time to take it down along with an old holly bush which has grown up through it. Rob and Derek spent an afternoon cutting it down and we now have a good supply of logs. I am amazed how much more space there is in the orchard.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Burrow Garden

After last years dreadful weather I seem to lose control of the weeds in the flower beds and in particular one long bed which ended up covered in bind weed and couch grass. So I have given up with it and this autumn I have enlarged two other flower beds and I have started moving the plants that I want to keep and throwing away the rest. Once complete which I think will be next spring I will then enlarge the lawn and turf over this flower bed. I am oping for a mild autumn to try and finish moving the plants. I can't believe how many daffodil bulbs I keep digging up, I am sure I never had this many flowering in the spring, so I am hoping for a good display in 2014!

Summer Project

The main project for this summer has been the building of the horse walker which is adjacent to the stables. For those of you who are not horsey, this is a an enclosed circle where each horse is put in its own bay (4 in all) and then turns round by electricity and they walk round for exercise. Very boring I know but it really helps to keep them fit especially when the weather is not good and we can't ride on the roads or light is against us in the winter months. We are nearly complete with just the fencing to be added and the control box to be installed.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Restoration of the Old Stables

Work has started on repairing the outside walls of the old stable block. We had to take off all the ivy which was growing on the walls and starting to go over the roof, and inside. This then exposed the cob on the top half of the building. Andy our builder is now working on rendering the walls with a lime and horse hair mixture. He has to put on a base coat first which will take about two weeks to dry. We will be obtaining listed building consent from Exmoor National Park to replace the tin roof with old slates, the same as the roof on the old dog kennels and instal some windows. The roof space is very spacious and the plan is to turn it into Rob's office and keep two stables downstairs.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Lambs

Sadly this year I had to say goodbye to two of my old lady Castlemilk Sheep who were twelve years old and I bought them as lambs. This leaves me two more old Castlmilk sheep and my three black Ouessant sheep.
I have decided to replenish my stock and have arranged to buy four wethers (boy lambs) from Tina Archer in Gloucestershire who breeds Ouessant sheep. Tina kindly sent me a photo of the lambs and I will collect them from her when they are weaned later in the year.

New Road Wall

Many of our regular guests will remember that when they open the gate to Burrow Farm the wall beside the entrance was in a very bad state of repair with stones often falling onto the driveway. We wanted to make sure none of our guests ended up with a large stone on their toes, so this spring Russel Liversidge who built the wall around the outdoor riding arena came and restored the wall, taking it back to ground level and then rebuilding. We are very pleased with the work and have had several comments from passing neighbours.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Look to Cottage Lounge

We started the renovation work of the lounge in the holiday cottage just before Christmas. There has been evidence of damp in the floor and up the walls so the floor boards were taken up to have a look. It appears that several of the floor joists were rotten, a leak from one of the central heating water pipes and only one air brick have caused the problem. We have now laid new joists, more air bricks and insulation has been put between the joists. The plaster has been taken back to the point of no moisture with a special lining now placed on the walls to help prevent damp before the replastering took place.
We are also replacing the wood burning stove with a new one that is easier to operate and has glass doors so the fire can been viewed and enjoyed. There will be a new carpet once the decorating has been completed, all in time for opening at Easter. No pressure then!