Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Look to Cottage Lounge

We started the renovation work of the lounge in the holiday cottage just before Christmas. There has been evidence of damp in the floor and up the walls so the floor boards were taken up to have a look. It appears that several of the floor joists were rotten, a leak from one of the central heating water pipes and only one air brick have caused the problem. We have now laid new joists, more air bricks and insulation has been put between the joists. The plaster has been taken back to the point of no moisture with a special lining now placed on the walls to help prevent damp before the replastering took place.
We are also replacing the wood burning stove with a new one that is easier to operate and has glass doors so the fire can been viewed and enjoyed. There will be a new carpet once the decorating has been completed, all in time for opening at Easter. No pressure then!