Friday, October 4, 2019

Happy Children

This summer we had two lovely children staying with us, who really enjoyed meeting the animals and especially our two donkeys Enzo the dark brown minature and Amy the grey standard donkey. They came to visit them every day and help lead them in from the field and feed them some treats. At the end of their holiday they presented me with a bunch of flowers and some chocolates and two hand drawn thank you cards. xx

View not far from Burrow Farm

I thought you might like to see the photograph I took through the ears of my pony Moo whilst riding on a bridleway near the farm. It is a view of over our neighbouring farmer's field towards Dunkery Beacon on the moor.

Cottage Rose

This year has been the perfect growing weather for our climbing roses. A few years ago I cut this rose down to the ground. It grows under the cottage bedroom window and this year it has rewarded me with an abundance of flowers.

Thursday, January 24, 2019

New Window at Burrow Farmhouse

Rob has been working on the large window on the landing at Burrow Farmhouse. The glass is to be replaced with double glazing and the Oak sill is to have a lead flashing before the metal frames are put back with the new glass. It is currently covered with some clear plastic. We had to apply for listed building consent for work on all the porches and the roof over this door will be having new lead.

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Early Snowdrops

Due to the mild weather we have had these last few months the Snowdrops and Hellebores in the garden Burrow Farm are ahead of themselves. I am just hoping that we do not suddenly have a snowfall as we did last year, otherwise they will all be flattened.