Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baby Ducklings

Over the last few months we have lost three of our Indian Runner ducks. This left us with two drakes and two ducks, so we decided to buy some ducklings. We visited Moonridge Farm near Crediton in Devon and bought five female ducks. One was eight days old and the others three days old. The colours are fawn, apricot and trout. Moonridge has an amazing array of poultry and waterfowl and is definitely worth a visit. The ducklings are currently being kept in part of the dog kennel at night and during the day they are in a rabbit hutch. In a couple of weeks when they have more feathers we will give them a bigger run and introduce a water bowl for them to splash around.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two Happy Cats!

A couple of months ago our neighbours moved to Wiltshire, but they were unable to take their two cats as they were staying in rented accommodation. They knew that the ginger cat often came over to our farm and many of our guests will have seen him around the yard, indeed one family told us he had been into the cottage and their little girl had been playing with him. We now warn all guests without dogs to make sure he doesn't try and move in! Our neighbours asked us if we would consider taking both cats, we were a bit worried at first because we had never seen their black cat, but of course we said yes. It took a while for the black cat to settle in, but he is now very a happy and he has been enjoying investigating the farm along with the ginger cat. Their names are Gordon and Rommy.

Work on the Lawn

After digging up one the flowerbeds last autumn and finding homes for most of the plants, some I gave away and some I threw away, we are now in the middle of laying the turf. I have enlarged two flowerbeds to may room for all the plants that I wanted to keep. I think the house garden will be a lot easier to manage, as I just don't have the time for all the weeding!