Thursday, January 7, 2010

Snowy start to 2010

We had snow on Wednesday 6th January but at least we only had 4inches and we haven't suffered like the rest of the country. Today (Thursday) I awoke to a beautiful sunny day with an amazing blue sky. I just had to take a photograph of Dunkery with Fairgarden Farm in the foreground. We have this view to the west from our fields. I walked to Wootton Courtenay village today and it reminded me of an Alpine walk with the sun shining on the glistening snow. The road was icy near the village so I took a detour along a bridleway and crossed a field of ponies to reach the village without having to go up the hill. I met several local people out shopping and walking dogs and only a couple of vehicles driving through the village road which was clear of snow. The horses enjoyed rolling in the snow this morning, but the goats refused to come out of their house and I think the ducks are a bit fed up as half of their pond is covered in ice, although the water is running through it from the stream.