Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring work begins

In the South West just like the rest of the country we are experiencing an exceptionally dry March. The weather has been more like June with temperatures at 19c and everyone in Minehead seem to be wearing T-shirts and shorts, madness. We have taken advantage of the dry ground and Derek has managed to harrow, roll and fertilize all our fields, which means we now need some rain to make the grass grow. This was exactly the same position we found ourselves in March 2011, so I hope our grass grows well and we can make some good hay in the summer.

Horsey Boarding School for Mim

On Sunday 18th March we took Mim in the trailer to Emma Massingale's home in Devon, just off the A39 not far from Bude. Emma is a trainer in Natural Horsemanship ( and is just amazing with her technique. Mim should be with Emma a couple of months and so far so good. Mim has been hacking out with Emma everyday for a week and only became excited when she saw some young cows in a field who were running around. This week she will be having a set of front shoes put on for the first time as she is wearing her hooves down on the tarmac roads. Emma will continue with hacking her out for another week to get her used to traffic and all the exciting things you find when out riding!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mad March!

We are really busy this March trying to get lots of building works completed before out first guests arrive for the season. We've just had a new chimney stack built on the main house as the old one was letting in water and hopefully the scaffolding will be taken down shortly. The cottage has had some work done to the main bedroom window and that has now been completed and painted. Unfortunately the boiler in the cottage sprang a leak so that has just been replaced and we are now waiting for a new vinyl floor to be laid in the kitchen.
The builder has just finished plastering the main house lobby and downstairs cloakroom, so hopefully that can be fitted out soon and then I can get on with decorating and moving everything out of my lounge which looks a total mess!