Monday, January 16, 2017

Early Snowdrops

Our area of Exmoor is having a mild winter, with only a very few days of frost and most days quite warm. This means that plants are growing, including the grass! I have noticed quite a few daffodils in the village growing in peoples gardens. The photograph shows a large patch of an early flowering species of Snowdrop growing in my garden called Galanthus Limetree. I bought one bulb about thirty years ago at the spring Royal Horticultural Show in London and now it has multiplied.
The Snowdrop Valley Exmoor dates for 2017 are Sat 28th January until Sun 26th February. Snowdrop Valley is a privately owned remote valley in a hidden part of Exmoor close to Wheddon Cross. For further details go to Snowdrop Valley Exmoor