Saturday, September 14, 2013

Burrow Garden

After last years dreadful weather I seem to lose control of the weeds in the flower beds and in particular one long bed which ended up covered in bind weed and couch grass. So I have given up with it and this autumn I have enlarged two other flower beds and I have started moving the plants that I want to keep and throwing away the rest. Once complete which I think will be next spring I will then enlarge the lawn and turf over this flower bed. I am oping for a mild autumn to try and finish moving the plants. I can't believe how many daffodil bulbs I keep digging up, I am sure I never had this many flowering in the spring, so I am hoping for a good display in 2014!

Summer Project

The main project for this summer has been the building of the horse walker which is adjacent to the stables. For those of you who are not horsey, this is a an enclosed circle where each horse is put in its own bay (4 in all) and then turns round by electricity and they walk round for exercise. Very boring I know but it really helps to keep them fit especially when the weather is not good and we can't ride on the roads or light is against us in the winter months. We are nearly complete with just the fencing to be added and the control box to be installed.