Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Aaaah My Baby Goats

I have just collected three young goats from Huckford Golden Guernsey Goats in Bristol. They are called Geoffrey and Ginny who are brother and sister and Copper. Ginny had an accident when she was quite young and broke a back leg which meant she had to have a plaster cast, but now she is fine and skipping about. Copper is a pure bred Golden Guernsey and Geoffrey and Ginny are 3/4 Golden Guernsey and 1/4 Boer. Geoffrey has the white on his body and Ginny is the one standing up. I am keeping them separate from my other goats at the moment until they have settled in.

The Repointing still goes on

Well I can't believe that I am now into my third year of pointing walls.I still haven't completed pointing the wall along the stream, but I decided one wall in the corner of the outdoor school desperately needed pointing as quite a few of the stones had fallen out. I have nearly completed this small section, just the top few rows left and then I will return to the stream wall, which is in serious need of repair before it collapses.

Spotted Flycatcher

This June one of our guests noticed that there was a nest on the old drainpipe, which is behind the patio doors. He identified it as a Spotted Flycatcher. I would never have noticed if I hadn't been shown the nest.