Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Pond

Derek has now started work on creating a pond. The stream runs through the courtyard in Burrow Farm and then through a wall and along the bottom of Derek's garden. It has been overgrown with marsh marigolds and iris as well as a lot of silt on the bottom. Derek has created a small dam at one end so that he can catch the water from the stream.
Alongside the pond he intends to create a vegetable patch after he has levelled out the ground. In the background you can see Derek and Rob working on the new post and rail fence.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Clearing the compost heap

Derek has started clearing the huge compost heap behind the old kennels with his JCB and removing elder trees and general rubbish to open up a big area which goes down to the stream. About 20 old tyres have been dug up and these are going to be difficult to get rid of as no one wants them and its hard to find a refuse tip that will take them. The compost is being loaded into a trailer and taken by tractor to one of the fields where we will be restoring an old exmoor bank. The bank has fallen into disrepair and has an overgrown hedge on top with a few dead trees. We will be planting the two copper beech tree saplings from Ranmore Common onto the bank with the new hedge. The saplings have been sent to us from friends, Helen and Frederick who live on Ranmore Common.

The Dovecote

The new dovecote has arrived from Lincolnshire Dovecotes. We just hope that the two remaining white doves will set up home, originally there were five but three have been killed by birds of prey. Their original dovecote was taken by the previous owners when they moved, so the doves have been roosting on the roof of the stables. I have been feeding them wild bird seed every morning to keep them at Burrow Farm.