Monday, June 20, 2011

Mim starts her Schooling

Gosh how time flies! Mim was three years old on 15th May this year, so I decided it was time she started her schooling. I started her on the lunge and initially Rob helped me by walking around the outside of the circle with her and me standing in the middle until she got the idea on what we wanted her to do. Then I carried on my own lunging her little and often so that she didn't become tired or bored. I introduced her to some poles on the ground to walk and trot over and firstly of she was good and then erupted and started being a bit naughty when she couldn't get her own way, but she soon settled down. I now intended to keep up the lunging over the summer and at some point I'll put a saddle on her back with the idea that I'll get on her in the autumn. Hopefully with all this work her muscles will become stronger and she'll lose that grass tummy!