Friday, October 23, 2009

Conversion of the Old Barn

We have started clearing out the old barn so that we can have six indoor stables. The roof has to held up with acro-props as the telegraph poles are in the wrong place for the stables and will have to be moved into a new positions.
At the moment we are busy clearing years of muck and dirt from the floor before we can lay concrete.

The Last Section of the Wall

The last section of the wall which is alongside the barn is almost complete and we hope that all it will be completed by Christmas.
The newly seeded grass is beginning to grow and it has been helped by the warm autumn and showers, although today (23/10) was the heaviest rain we have had since the beginning of September.
I have mixed wild flower seed with the grass seed so I hope we have a good mixture of flowers next spring.

Outside of the Wall

At the end of June Russell our stone mason started working on the outside of the wall which has been going up a lot quicker than the inside despite the inclement weather this summer.
Steps will be built from the door which we hope will complete the design. We had to angle the corner of the wall due to the stream being so close.